larimer county republican assembly

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For those of you who missed it…

Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Thank you delegates for sacrificing your Saturday to contribute to the future of our great county. Today, you have a great responsibility, to elect the best candidates to represent our party against the liberal democrats. I ask you for your support and for your vote.

Behind me stands 92 years of Larimer county grassroots, business owners, friends and families that will help me fight to keep the liberal government out of our face, off our back, and out of our pockets. I stand before you today ready and willing to take on the left, I am not afraid and I will do whatever it takes to win in November and protect the future of our kids and our grandkids.

I am the only candidate who knows the struggles of running a business, raising a young family, and meeting a payroll. My company provides hundreds of jobs, my family builds the schools where our children learn, the churches where our families pray, and we provide the tax base to pay for our roads, bridges, and fund our amazing sheriff’s office who’s deputies sacrifice everything to protect us every day.

I have signed the fronts of over 7,000 checks, including a bonus check for an employee’s down payment on his new home. This is what it’s all about, the American Dream is alive and well, but we must remove the thorn from our side, the thorn of the overreaching arm of the government and its endless taxation and over regulation.

We must give the power back to the people and spread independence and not dependence on government. We must make the hard decisions and set our priorities. I want the tax dollars collected from our families and businesses to be stretched beyond their limit. I want our county to be held to the same standards that we hold our own households and businesses to.

When my great granddad came here in 1926, he was the foreman on the road crew and drove the horse and plow that cut the original Laporte Avenue in Fort Collins. As your commissioner, I will continue my great granddad’s legacy and prioritize our infrastructure. I will stretch our pennies to fix our 16 structurally unsound culverts and bridges. I will honor our personal property rights and cut through unnecessary regulations.

Our children are the most important gift from God on earth and it is past time to protect them in their schools! No more arguing, no more lip service, we know how to protect them and now we must. I will work with the sheriff’s department and community leaders and find the solutions to keep our children safe.

I am the new face, the young blood, and the fresh eyes of the new Republican Conservative party and I am ready to use my experience, my knowledge, and my passion to represent you the people as your next commissioner.

God Bless America and God Bless Larimer County