Chalon Kintzley for County Commissioner
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Meet chalon Kintzley


I am a 4th generation Larimer County native with 92 years of family history in our community. My father started a small business here in 1979 - a construction company that I had the opportunity to purchase and now own and operate. Growing up, I saw how hardworking Americans like my father pour their lives into their families, businesses, and communities so that people like me could have a chance to succeed and make Larimer County an even better place to live.

Upon earning my pilots license and studying Aviation Technology and Criminal Justice, I started a family with my high school sweetheart, Leah. We now reside in LaPorte with our 4 wonderful children, the eldest of which just started school at the same elementary school I attended 26 years ago!

I am not a politician. 

My life’s work has been running a local business right here in Larimer County, and I see the struggles that many young workers face in our county. My company is currently planning construction on a building in Boxelder Business Park that will be used to teach life lessons to youth through skilled trades. For far too long, our youth have been told that 4-year college is the only path to success, yet more students than ever are graduating without skills for a 21st century marketplace. As county commissioner, I will focus on initiatives that set up the next generation of Larimer County leaders for success 5, 10, and 20 years down the road.

Our future can’t wait.

Larimer County possesses a rich tradition of God, family, and community. You can rest assured that as County Commissioner I will always honor our history and the families, like yours, that built this great place. With that intense passion as my guide, I will focus on solutions for our county that enrich our tradition and move us into a position of growth beyond my term in office. 

So often, elected officials think that they can ignore the long-term issues we face because someone else will be in office to fix them later. This hurts our community and our citizens. Our limited government must focus on the future to set us up for success, and as county commissioner I will always have our long-term interests at the forefront.

I need your support.

I want to get to know you. Please reach out to me as soon as you can if you would like to talk more about County Commissioner District 1. I would love to listen to your concerns and find ways that I can better serve your family and community in this office. Join us through email updates and following on social media. I would be honored to have your vote!

Larimer County is built on a rich history of God, family, agriculture, and hard work.
— Chalon Kintzley

The Issues


Larimer County has changed and developed rapidly in the last decade. Our local economy faces many challenges with a growing healthcare market, changes in energy, and agriculture. We must partner with our local job creators to meet these future challenges and open more market opportunities.

One of my personal goals is to empower young people and instill life lessons through skilled trades. Developing a workforce that not only has 21st century skills, but also values hard work is vital to a thriving community. Creating more opportunities for innovative education will be a priority for me as County Commissioner from District 1.


Our future can’t wait. This includes our crumbling roads and bridges that have been neglected for too long. This is about putting Larimer County residents first, and each and every citizen relies on our infrastructure to safely travel and receive the products they need to live each day. The current Road and Bridge fund is insufficient for our future needs. As Larimer County grows and traffic gets worse, we need to be prepared to think beyond our current infrastructure needs.

We are also obligated to protect our pure Rocky Mountain water and provide necessary storage and infrastructure to prepare for and protect us from the next drought. We have a duty and a responsibility to protect our agriculture, and to keep the Poudre and the Big Thompson flowing for all future generations of county citizens.


Larimer County citizens have the right to develop their land and property responsibly and beneficially. I will take a common sense approach to land development and usage by eliminating red tape where necessary. I want to ensure that all citizens have access to public lands to utilize our natural resources for hunting, fishing, and all of the outdoor activities that we cherish. We have a responsibility to conserve our wildlife for future generations of Coloradans to enjoy.



We are proud to announce these endorsements from local Larimer County leaders in business, government, and community organizations.


Debra Benton

Debra Benton is an internationally recognized CEO coach and author of 10 books on leadership and business. Having worked with CEOs and business leaders across the world, Debra has been a leader in our community for over thirty years.

"Chalon Kintzley is the only choice for commissioner if you want someone who is not out for himself and who wants to genuinely make good things happen for Larimer County. 

He is now and will continue to be knowledgeable on all the issues. But just as importantly, he has the character that we need in office: an honest, hard-working business owner, fair to friends and foes alike, respectful of elders, and respected by his peers.

He will bring fresh thinking and new ways of doing things not thought of or done previously — all for the benefit of Larimer county residents like you and me."  -Debra Benton


Cody Rex Walker

Estes Park Mayor Pro Tem and local leader Cody Rex Walker. Cody has served youth in our county as president of the school board and as a longtime Cubmaster with Boy Scouts. We both share a passion for educating and empowering youth as the next generation of leaders in Larimer County!

“A combination of deep Larimer County roots and the energy of youth make Chalon the right choice for county commissioner.” 


Daryle Klassen

Daryle Klassen is a former Larimer County Commissioner from District 3 (1985-1993) and former Loveland Mayor Pro Tem. Daryle has been an active leader in the Larimer County community for many years and I am honored to have the support of one of our county's finest.

"The Larimer County Commissioners job requires- Nay demands talent, high energy, business success, and savvy in both private and public sectors. Chalon Kintzley is the full package. When elected to the District One Commissioner Seat, Larimer County will be in achieving hands."


Gail Meisner

Gail Meisner is a Larimer County community leader and sits on the Larimer County Ag Advisory Board, Larimer County Farmers Union board, and is a former member of the Bee Family Farm Board.

“I met with County Commissioner candidate Chalon Kintzley... He is a native to Laporte and I went to school with his dad. He has a good handle on the agriculture concerns and issues here in Larimer County." - Gail Meisner

Gail understands the importance of the agricultural community to Larimer County and I am honored to have the support of an industry leader.


Mike Sieg

Mike Sieg was one of the three candidates seeking the Republican nomination for Larimer County Commissioner in District 1. Mike endorsed Chalon after the Larimer County Assembly.

"The first time I met Chalon I liked him. As time went by and we continued to compete, I learned to respect him. He is honest and sincere, and seeking the Commissioner position for the right reasons. Chalon is the kind of change we need on the Board of Commissioners in Larimer County. I support him and I will work for his election!"


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